a new play
by Matthew Payne

Joan had a successful preview run at the Metro Studio Theatre from April 18-20 2014.

Theatre SKAM looks forward to bringing Joan to new audiences in the near future!


Preview Team:
Written by Matthew Payne
Directed by Jimmy Tait
Performed by Matthew Payne, Lynda Raino & Jan Wood
Lighting Design by Alyksandra Ackerman
Sound Design and Composition by Brooke Maxwell
Projection Design by Conor Moore
Costume Design by Patricia Reilly
Stage Managed by Erin Crowley

Local theatregoer and long-time arts supporter Joan Mans inspires Joan. For over thirty years Joan attended arts happenings in the capital, sometimes from morning until night, finishing her evening most nights at Swan’s Pub dancing to live music.

She developed quite an eye for great theatre and an ear for excellent music. In 1997, enthralled with our outdoor production of Zastrozzi, she made a donation to SKAM to pay for the 50 army blankets, used by the company at our recent outdoor performance.

Joan entered extended care after she fell three and a half years ago and died on November 1st 2010 . As Joan was declared incapable, and without family or a legal ‘guardian’, the health system was not legally responsible to her, an individual, and so Joan’s friends in the community knew little about her transfers to a new home, or changes to her medication, until they occurred or were found out by word of mouth. This journey is at the heart of this project.

SKAM worked closely with Oak Bay Lodge, The Belfry Theatre, and The Banff Centre — Canada’s Creative Leader in Arts and Culture — over the course of its development, including a reading at the Belfry’s SPARK Festival in 2012.


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