• Winnie Gertzke: Champion Off Ice
    Running in Heels Productions

  • Swimming in the Gorge
    Harold Hejazi

  • A Buck and a Half
    Article 11

  • Babes
    Keep Good (Theatre) Company

What is SKAMpede?

Theatre SKAM’s annual summer festival SKAMpede (formerly known as Bike Ride) is an outdoor live performance festival event that is suitable for the whole family. You’ll take in a series of short shows presented along the Galloping Goose Trail with our Hub at 360 Harbour Road. Audiences travel from show to show by bicycle, rollerblade, electric mobility scooter, skateboard or on foot.

What is Friday Night Feast?

The friday before SKAMpede we kick off the festival with a 3 course meal accompanied by a viewing of each show that will be playing at the festival. Friday Night Feast is a mix of fancy and fun!

That’s crazy. How does SKAMpede work?

  1. Buy tickets online or at the box office at the entrance of our Hub.
  2. Line up for your tour — Tours leave when there are between 8 and 12 people ready to go.
  3. See 3 – 6 mini performances along your route.
  4. Return to the Hub to relax, refresh and be entertained.
  5. Line up for another tour of performances.
  6. Have fun!

2017 line up:

Trail shows:

ARTICLE 11 | A Buck and a Half | Edmonton
All Bodies Dance Project | Verbatim | Vancouver
Bragi Theatre | Rural Ravaillac | Victoria
charm / strange theatre | Scatter | Edmonton
The Click | Cowabunga | Victoria
Eloi Homier | La End | Vancouver
Harold Hejazi | Swimming in the Gorge | Victoria
Johanna Nutter | Tree Hug | Montreal
Keep Good (Theatre) Company | Babes | Halifax
Kerri Flannigan | Blue Crush | Victoria
Running in Heels Productions | Winnie Gertske, Champion Off Ice | Edmonton

Theatre Nutshell | Leechtown | Victoria

Hub shows:

CSTA Dance Collective Sharing Patterns and Good Vibrations | Victoria
Garry Greenspoon | Magic Lantern | Victoria
Isabelle Kirouac | Habitats | Vancouver
Jane Bee | Butterfly | Victoria
Monkey C Interactive | 
Registroid | Victoria
Nebula Company Theatre | My Other Half | Vancouver


Some frequently asked questions:

Are the performers in SKAMpede any good?

 SKAMpede is a festival of new short works by top local and national performers who have been selected through a formal submission process. Each of the shows are different and the range of performances encompasses spoken word, dance, story telling and much more!  The local performers have all worked as professional artists in places like Craigdarroch Castle, Atomic Vaudeville, The Belfry Theatre and Butchart Gardens. SKAMartists are paid for their work.

This event sounds big, but I’ve never heard of it?

SKAMpede is now in its eighth year, with a new name and new accessibility. Theatre SKAM has worked to develop this project carefully since 2008, and we are confident that this year will make a bigger splash. We have been especially careful to make sure that the event functions well. We know the event works and we know we can handle large crowds.

SKAMpede sounds messy, how do you keep the ball rolling?

Like many people who regularly use the Galloping Goose, we also consider ourselves stewards of the trail. We have worked with city and regional officials, community groups, and other professionals to ensure the footprint of the event is ecologically sound.