‘Fashion Machine’ Camp at the ICA

Fashion Machine, the project Theatre SKAM dreamed up where kids make your best outfit better, continues to develop. SKAM teamed up with Victoria’s Inter-Cultural Association to provide a six-week drama course, which wrapped up in early May. Now that we’ve met the kids of the ICA, SKAM and ICA are taking the project to the next step. Kids between the ages of 10 and 13 will participate in a one-week kamp this summer from August 13 to 17. These junior kampers will meet designers, tailors, and seamstresses, tour local clothing makers’ facilities, and learn the rules of fashion and style. Then they will break all those rules as they redo the outfits of adults brave enough to offer up their favourite clothing. SKAM has a few spots available for kids interested in participating. Young recruits may be in touch with Letitia Annamalai at lannamalai@icavictoria.org or 250-388-4728 (ext. 123).

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