The End of the World Romance

by Sean Dixon

Sean Dixon makes us look at what happens when our emotions take over and life becomes bigger than truth. Sometimes we need to see life through innocent eyes in order to face the truth. All stories are real until we grow up and start to understand their meanings.

Playwright’s notes:

The End of the Word Romance was my second play and first attempt to write a dialogue. I had written a play-length triple monologue called Falling Back Home about a man who believed too much in myths and fiction and had trouble facing the realities of life. That play ended tragically with a child leaping off a tall building having been convinced that he will transform into a bird.


The challenge was to transform the kind of spoken imagery that flowed through Falling Back Home  and put it into the action of the play. So I decided to create a portrait of a fractured family from the point of view of the eleven year old daughter, with the world of her imagination playing out on stage. And this time too I wanted the child to be safe and sound at the end of the story, even if she did fall from the sky.