Schoolhouse Rocks 

Schoolhouse Rocks is a collection of 13 short site-specific plays set in a school. Each play has a unique way of collecting their audience, these are the plays:

Atomic Vaudeville
Billy’s Final Project

Atomic Vaudeville creates cabarets. They have produced plays such as Legoland and The Qualities of Zero and have run the Sweatshop festival since 2006 which showcases local and visiting artists in new and experimental short-form work.

Bring Back Pluto Productions
Would Pluto Please Report to the Office

BBPP is a group of life-minded individuals bringing you anomalistic theatre collaborations such as Futariko’s Lady Aoi.

Giggling Iguana Productions
Grade 9 Detention

Iguana does primarily site specific work with a bent towards historical and / or fantastical and / or horrific stories. David and Christina are featured as a couple of hilarious vikings in the summer live action feature blockbuster Hagar the Horrible.

Gotta Getta Gimmick
Chapter 2, Page 5

Gotta Getta Gimmick is a Victoria based theatre company that specializes in musical theatre. Gotta Getta Gimmick Arts Society Supports, creates and develops opportunities for emerging artists in Victoria.

humble wonder theatre
The Mathemagician

humble wonder theatre is a company devoted to creating magical theatre using innovative material and processes. They were chosen to premier The Shoes as part of the Belfry Incubator project 2008.

ITSAZOO Productions
The Birds and the Bees

ITSAZOO Productions is a not-for-profit theatre society specialising in affordable, fun and innovative Canadian theatre that aims to satisfy  a diverse community of tastes using non-traditional, site specific and found theatre spaces.

OYA! Productions
Art 101: Interpretation

OYA! Productions is a youth run theatre company that provides young people with opportunities in all aspects of theatre. OYA! will be experiencing an indefinite hiatus as its members scatter across the country, but we are thrilled to have this production as our last hurrah.

SNAFU Dance Theatre

SNAFU’s work challenges audiences perceptions of the exposed human body and avoids the use of words to try to quiet the analytical brain and awaken the audience to a sensual, intuitive experience.

Where’s Noonan? Productions
Lesson in Reality

Where’s Noonan? Productions has done several local productions including successful runs of David Mamets Oleanna and Tony Kirschner’s Angels in America and the original scripts Confessions of a Catholic School Girl and 3000 Feet of Silk.

Theatre Bombus
The Last Time First

These bees focus on pollinating new work with West Coast connections: past productions include The Josephine Knot and Field Forest Farmer.

Theatre SKAM
Dark Room

Theatre SKAM is dedicated to creating provocative theatrical works. Known for our sense of fun, SKAM was formed in 1995 with a mission to create theatre that was innovative and entertaining, and above all — never boring.

TriPOD Collective

As a group of modern dance choreographers, performers and musicians, triPOD is committed to the exploration and creation of new work. Founded in 2004 by Lori Hamar, Rachel Anderson and Treena Stubel.

Wade and Tessler
All Fall Down

Andrew Wade (writer) and Lisi Tessler (director) are theatre students from UVic who buils character stories.