Hello, My Name is Matthew Payne

Meet Matthew Payne. And Matthew Payne. And Matthew Payne.
Matthew Payne goes way beyond Googling himself
and finds he is not the only Matthew Payne out there.

From 21.5 million hits to the greatest hits – he’s located and had meaningful conversations with as many Matthew Paynes as possible (within the span of 72 hours).

A show about ego, self and the weather where Matthew Payne is.

Playing at the Victoria Fringe Festival – All Seats $11
Thursday Aug 23, 6:00 PM / Friday Aug 24, 9:45 PM / Sunday Aug 26, 6:45 PM
Monday Aug 27, 7:45 PM / Saturday Sept 1, 11:00 PM / Sunday Sept 2, 4:00 PM
Venue 5 (St. Andrews School Gymnasium), 1002 Pandora Avenue