7eventy 7even: An Introduction

A cledon, not to be confused with Cleveland, Ohio, is a form of divination once popular in some areas of ancient Greece and Rome. The word, from the Greek κληδών, means rumour, report, omen, fame, or name. A cledonist would ask a question of a god or goddess while covering their own ears with their hands. The answer to their question was only to be found in overheard remarks and conversations by passersby in the market, the gym or on the road. Likely cledonomancy was popular because, like this morning's daily horoscope, you hear what you want to hear.

Unwittingly, I am apparently a post-modern cledonist. In 2016-18, on pedestrian rambles about the city of Victoria, B.C., while recovering from the usual heartbreaks of daily life, I recorded in a small notebook overheard privacies from passersby that were later refashioned into what I call found micro dramas. Pop-up prophesies. Food trucks for the soul. 7eventy 7even is 77 scenes from Victoria's streets and public places. A spinning boy makes his way through the noise of the world. 

Charles Tidler