Grownups Perform Plays That Kids Wrote #2

November 17th at [4:00 pm]

Metro Studio Theatre (1411 Quadra St)


Regular: $15 / $19 (with a slice of pizza) / $24 (with pulled pork sandwich)

Children 12 and Under: $10 / $14 (with a slice of pizza) / $19 (with pulled pork sandwich

*All tickets incur a service charge at time of purchase.

The Great SKAM Performance Event Returns!

What happens when a Shark gets Zombie DNA!

What happens when the Pickle in the Fridge comes alive!

What happens when the Fairy Princess takes over an abandoned Earth!  

What happens when an alien swallows a theatre full of Star Wars Fans!

Who knows what will happen this time?!?

Come find out at Grownup Perform Plays that Kids Wrote #2, a fundraiser for SKAM School of Performing Arts Bursary Program.

Grownups Perform Plays that Kids Wrote #2 will pair 4 local Directors with dozens of local performers to bring back some of their favourite scripts --- collaboratively written by kids! There will be monsters, heroes, dancing food, time warps, princesses and plenty of lightsaber duels. And on top of that there will be SKAM merch and a PIZZA party. Hot tip: get your seats now because the first one sold out within days!

Play and artist announcement November 2nd!

We will be serving Pulled Pork Sandwiches from Jones BBQ and Pizza from Fernwood Pizza Company. Advance sales for food close Nov. 9th, but we will have some items for sale after the show. Pizza options are Meat, Veg, and Gluten-Free Veg. Please indicate your preference on the order form.

NEW: We have a Vegan Pizza Option: Fernwood Pizza's Pesto Caprese Pizza! NOTE: each slice costs $4 and must be special ordered by emailing your name and how many slices you will be purchasing to no later than Nov. 9th. Payment will be processed at the event.

This event is generously sponsored by Jones BBQ and the Fernwood Pizza Company.

This is an all ages event where kids and parents can celebrate unlimited creativity. All of the proceeds will go directly to our SKAM School of Performing Arts Bursary Program and help lower income families register their kids for drama.

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