Extraordinary matching campaign- donations matched 18 to 1

You know SKAM- we seldom do things half way. We work hard to make the best shows and events we can. Now we’re about to take our fundraising to the next level too with our 18 to 1 Campaign.

From the opening night of Hello Baby! on February 22, 2013 until the opening night of Fashion Machine on April 28, 2013, donations made by individuals to Theatre SKAM will be matched at a rate of 18 to 1.

Yes, that means what you think it means.

If you donate a dollar, SKAM Board Member Robert Milne will donate eighteen dollars. You donate 25, he donates 450. You just turned your 25 dollars into a 475 dollar donation to SKAM. Keep going. You can do math. Extraordinary n’est pas?

The catch? There is a limit to Bob’s ridiculous generosity. That limit is the first $1000 we raise.

The goal of the 18 to 1 Campaign is to raise $25,000. The campaign funds will be used to purchase a one-ton flatbed truck and convert that into a charming and classic mobile performance vehicle. We’re aiming for a sparkling hardwood stage, a simple sound system, and a small lighting rig. We’ll buy some chairs and tables and pop-up tents. Everything the company needs for our site-specific and mobile work. And we’ll share it.

When we’re not using the SKAM Mobile Performance Vehicle, we’ll offer it for rentals. Farmer’s markets, music festivals, other live performances- the SKAM MPV will be seen around town.

This is not something we’re doing on a whim. We took a look at the company and the plans for the next several years and we see this makes sense.

Were looking to our audience to support this big leap forward. And yes, we know we could have done this other ways like, say, asked you for six thousand dollars and said Bob will match that 3 to 1. (Think of it like that if you wish.)

We chose 18 to 1 because we wanted you to know we’re serious about this. Bob is serious about this. This is happening. This is not a halfway thing. The difference between you coming up with one thousand and six thousand dollars (or more) is a newer truck, which means an MPV with a longer life.

So, what do you say? Wanna make great theatre?

Are you in?

Donate securely online by visiting the home page and clicking the Donate Now button or click here. Both take you to Canada Helps, a nationally recognized and highly secure platform for contributing to charities in Canada.

Or send a cheque to Theatre SKAM 18 to 1, Box 8563, Victoria BC, V8W 3S2.

For the official press release of the 18 to 1 Campaign, or other media inquiries, please contact Erin Crowley via erin@skam.ca.

Thanks to all our donors so far!

Jackie Adamthwaite
Jenn Ault
John Boehme
Jane Broomfield
Mercedes Bátiz-Benét
Ian Case
Liz Crocker
Mary and Ross Desprez
Gwen Dobie
Colin Dower
Jason Dubois
Roderick Glanville
Eric Grace
Ryan Hendren
Michele Hibbins
Don Kasianchuk
Carolyn Knight
Eugene Lee
David Lennam
Jennifer Lord
Bob Milne*
Katrina Monique Lousier
Michael Morres
Pat O’Brien
Nadine Plotnikoff
Rayola Creative
Ian Rye
George Scott
Michael Shamata
Susanna Solecki
Michael Stephen
Treena Stubel
Robert Thompson
Charles Tidler
Robin Tozscak
Jon Tupper
Paula Violi
Holly Vivian
Derek Wall
Doug Walter
Brenda Weatherston
Stephen White
Jan Wood
Allison Yauk
Emma Zabloski

*Donation of $17,000 or higher

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